Partition Manager for Mac: Guide To Manage Partition Safely

Partition Manager for Mac

Partitioning your Mac hard drive is the best way to enhance your system performance. By doing this, you can organize your system files efficiently and can prevent data loss. To create partition, you can use disk utility feature which is actually a free partition manager Mac. However, using this utility involves lengthy and time consuming process. Even though when you try to create a new partition by shifting the free spaces, you are unable to do so as Disk Utility does not support shifting of partitions. So, to deal with this situation download Stellar Partition Manager facilitate to be the tremendous tool which is capable to carry out almost every partitioning operations like creation, deletion, resizing, hiding, formatting etc. The software program uses advance algorithm to partition Mac hard drive without effective the integrity of the data. The application is easy and safe to use and works with any type of hard drive and removable media like USB drive, zip drive and so on. The utility can be used to create, resize, format, hide or reveal partition and can also format partition. It improves system performance by limiting the disk space. It is compatible with almost all versions of Mac OS.

There are some important key features of Stellar Partition for Mac Software which allow Mac users to perform and make system faster and safer.

  • Supports GUID partition table and Apple partition map.
  • Create new partition from total free space available in drive.
  • Support FAT partition.
  • Performs data verification while shifting and resizing partitions.
  • Resize partition without data loss.
  • Allow NTFS File System (Boot Camp Support)
  • Reveal option mounts the hidden partition.
  • Format option erases complete data from a partition.
  • Optimizes free space before resizing a partition, if necessary.
  • Hide option secures the partition from unwanted user access.
  • Multiple tasks can be added in a list to perform as a batch operation.
  • Fast shift option is used for moving partitions quickly.

So for Mac, to manage partitions safely by avoiding the data loss risk, you must use Stellar Phoenix Partition Manager and overcome all your risks.